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A programmer with 6+ years of professional experience interested in all kinds of complex but useful application design and development. Using any particular programming language has never been a bar for me but doing it the right way by following good coding practices is what I am always hungry for. My major focus is on designing web, mobile & tablet solutions. I also have skills in other fields like Image Processing, Embedded Systems and Robotics. I am a quick learner who has passion for staying up to date with the latests technologies. What makes me different is that I enjoy my work and take it as a challenge.

I love to travel and photograph in leisure time.


Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering
VBS Purvanchal University
4 Years Course

JUNE 2010


Senior Software Engineer

Responsible for the fast, efficient and credible user experience across devices through m-site of the product, code, resource and server optimization, team accountability, API mapping and web development, feature and issue management through JIRA tool.


Senior Development Engineer

Technical head, project management (with agile methodology), modular breakups, planning and milestone finalization, team lead, development.

DECEMBER 2014 - JUNE 2015

Application Developer

Team lead, project scope finalization and knowledge transfer, development of web and mobile apps. Engine development for applications to be implemented across programming languages. Hybrid android and iOS mobile app development with frameworks like Intel's App Framework, Ionic etc. Server side scripting in PHP using CI and Laravel frameworks.


Research Engineer
BRiCS- SAS Pvt. Ltd.

Carried out server and client side scripting for the in house projects. Responsible for the development and management of the BRiCS portal for summers and winters workshops (largest summers embedded & robotics workshop provides in India). Provided automation solution through image processing using javascript and php.

JUNE 2010 - SEPTEMBER 2013


Most Innovative Work

The Palmistry Engine which takes hand image and predicts fortune based on the palm lines and other palmistry cases was awarded the Innovative Work of the Year.

JULY 2014





Algorithm Design

Image Processing



Embedded C


Leisure Projects

Lets Build Together

An online portal common for both buyers and sellers of building materials. USP of the portal is that it cumulates the requirements of same material type and considers it as bulk order. There is also an option for daily and weekly deals with different rates for buyers to enroll in.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript php Ajax Wordpress MySql


A search for places in nearby portal. Works for anything eg. Coffee shops, temples, mobile recharge shops, hotels, restaurants, salons etc.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript


A portal for a religious group called Dariya Muth to make all the works in the form of ‘Granth’ live for online reading for followers.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Bootstrap Ajax


A very beautiful and decent but attractive online portal for an Indian couple’s marriage. The portal contains invitation, ceremonies and functions, family and friends and how to reach sections.

HTML5 CSS3 Javascript Bootstrap

OMR Sheet Reader

A software to read OMR sheets and hence calculate results on the basis of it. Comes with features like different types of result analysis options.

MySQL C++ Linux

Count Visitor and Open Door

An IP cum Robotics application which opens doors for visitor with the help of a mounted camera also counts total no of visitors.

MySQL C++ Embedded C Circuit Design Hardware Design

Basket Eggs Game

Eggs will be falling from random places and using a bowl it has to be collected. Comes with Multilevel, Multiple Lives and auto update levels features.


Vehicle Trackers

A device which can be fixed on a vehicle to track its route updating its longitude/latitude continuously at a website.

Embedded C GPS Module GSM Module PHP/MySql HTML

Humanoid Bipedal Robot

A human look-like robot with 2 arms and 2 legs which works on 5v power supply. Can move in both directions forward and backward.

Circuit Design Mechanics Embedded C

Live Cam Feed onto GLCD

The project is divided into two parts one is the laptop with camera which takes live feed and other part is a graphical LCD display with UART connection to receive the encrypted feed sent by the laptop and display it.

MySQL C++ UART Communication Circuit Design GLCD

Virtual Piano

An introductory image processing project for students to understand the memory structure and pixel information of a digital image.

MySQL C++ PortAudio Library

Advertising LED Displays

The display content can be updated through Keyboard, Remote Control, SMS, Website or Android Phone.

Embedded C Shift Registers Circuit Design



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Karnataka, India.

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